Private Wealth

Our Private Wealth team bring together the expertise of our solicitors from our private client, family, real estate, corporate and commercial teams to ensure that you receive a seamless, multi-disciplinary service, with appropriate, bespoke and specialist advice.

There is an increasing need in the modern world for more complex family arrangements to require more strategic decision-making and tailored advice in the context of your succession planning, marriage/relationships, family, business, property and assets. We work in partnership with you and alongside your financial advisors, accountants, and other professionals, to foster a collaborative approach to managing and protecting your wealth.

Our areas of expertise include;

  • Wills and Administration of Estates: it is important to ensure that your wishes are carried out after you've gone. This involves drafting Wills and creating Trusts to minimise taxes where possible.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney: These documents enable you to appoint someone to help you manage your finances or make decisions regarding your health, care and medical treatment when you are unable to do so yourself,
  • Tax planning: we work with you to develop strategies to minimise your tax burden throughout your lifetime, and for your future generations. This might involve utilising Trusts, charitable giving, or other tax-saving solutions. We will find the solution that is right for you.
  • Asset protection: safeguarding your wealth is hugely important. We can help you by exploring the creation of Trusts, or perhaps establishing Family Investment Companies. We can also assist with Pre and Post-nuptial agreements, Declarations of Trust and Cohabitation agreements where you are jointly purchasing a home or sharing assets with your partner to protect the wealth that you have built up upon entering that relationship
  • Business succession planning: if you own a business, planning for its future ownership and management is crucial. This might involve structuring ownership transfers, minimising tax implications, and resolving potential family business disputes
  • Philanthropy: Many high-net-worth individuals seek to leave a lasting impact through charitable giving. As your advisers, we can help establish charitable foundations, structure donations for maximum tax benefit, and ensure your philanthropic goals are achieved
  • Separation and Divorce: We have very wide experience dealing with these sensitive issues and help our clients to navigate not only the legal process but the emotional journey which inevitably follows
  • Family dynamics: for families with significant wealth, navigating complex relationships and potential conflicts requires careful planning. We can help you establish clear communication and understanding around wealth distribution and family governance
  • International considerations: if you have cross border assets or interests, navigating international tax laws and estate planning complexities becomes paramount. We have wide experience and can provide invaluable guidance

In The Press

FT Adviser

TW's Head of Corporate, Nick Gabay and Head of Private Client, Elliot Lewis recently wrote a piece for the FT Advisor about family investment companies - how they work, the advantages of them and who they are suitable for.

Read the full article here: What clients need to understand about using family investment companies

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