Dispute Resolution

Professional Negligence

If you feel you’ve suffered from professional negligence, get in touch for free, no obligation advice on what to do next.

The consequences of receiving bad advice or a below standard service can be devastating both financially and emotionally. When you instruct a professional, you don’t anticipate them making mistakes. Unfortunately, either through lack of care and attention, incompetence or poor-quality advice, mistakes can happen that result in severe consequences for you, their client.

Our professional negligence lawyers dedicate themselves to resolving these mistakes through negotiation, arbitration or mediation. In short, we can help you tackle, head on, those that you paid and trusted to protect your best interest and didn’t.

Whether it’s negligence on account of accountants, architects, barristers, engineers, financial advisors, insurers, surveyors, valuers or event another firm of solicitors – we are here to fight for you.

To contact us with any enquiry, please fill in the following form so that a relevant legal advisor can contact you as soon as possible.

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