Dispute Resolution

Inheritance Disputes & Contested Wills

Whether you’re contesting a will or defending a will claim, our expert team of solicitors can help.

When somebody dies, the parties who inherit the deceased’s assets will normally be determined by either what their will says (if they have made a valid will), or by a set of provisions called “the intestacy rules” (if they die without a valid will).

But things are not always so simple, unfortunately. Depending on the circumstances of each individual case, legal arguments can sometimes be raised to challenge the provisions of a will, and the operation of the intestacy rules.

Our experts in contentious probate can advise “from both sides of the fence”, having expertise in acting both for clients who are seeking to contest a will/intestacy, and also for clients whose interests are to uphold the provisions of the deceased’s will/the operation of the intestacy rules, in circumstances where the latter are being challenged by disgruntled family members, partners or friends.

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