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Dispute Resolution

Turn your dispute into success with a team that explores every negotiation avenue before resorting to court action.

Whether a dispute is at work, with a neighbour or relates to a product or service, the stress and time involved can be as unexpected as it is overwhelming. Who can you turn to for advice?

Our specialist litigation team has many years' experience in helping clients resolve their problems and move on – keeping your best interests in sight from the moment you first come to us.

We know that disputes come in all shapes and sizes. So we can also help if you've suffered financial or other loss following poor service from a surveyor, financial advisor, valuer, architect, accountant, solicitor or other professional.

Only a very small number of the disputes we handle ever get to court. That's because we see court proceedings as a last resort. But when court action is the only way to resolve your problem, we won't hold back. We'll fight to the end to deliver the result you need.

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