Education & Independent Schools

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing independent schools and educational institutions and offer a comprehensive suite of legal services, specifically tailored to your needs, which will encompass both your educational mission and your business operations.

Our team brings a wealth of in-depth legal knowledge combined with a deep understanding of the education sector. We are passionate about supporting independent schools and educational institutions in achieving their goals. We recognise that your legal needs will be multifaceted, and we can offer a seamless integration of services.

These are some of the benefits of partnering with us:

  • Commercial Property: we can provide expert guidance on property acquisition, disposal, leasing, and development projects, ensuring compliance and maximizing value for your school
  • Corporate & Commercial: we can provide support for strategic decision-making, governance matters, and collaboration with other institutions
  • Debt Collection: we can support efficient and ethical recovery of unpaid fees or debts, minimising disruption and protecting your financial resources
  • Leasehold: we can negotiate and expedite the management of leases for school buildings and facilities, ensuring favourable terms and protecting your interests
  • Litigation: we can provide skilled representation in any legal disputes, minimising disruption and protecting your school's reputation
  • New Build: we can provide comprehensive legal support for new building projects that you may embark on, navigating regulatory hurdles and ensuring a smooth and successful construction process
  • Private Client: we can provide tailored legal services for school governors, trustees, and faculty members, addressing personal needs while maintaining ethical boundaries
  • Real Estate: we can provide expert advice on all aspects of your property portfolio, from property management to land use planning

We can offer access to a wide range of legal services, streamlining communication and simplifying the process. We will ensure that you receive the legal support that you need, without exceeding your budget.

Let us be your trusted legal partner, enabling you to focus on what matters most - fostering a thriving educational environment for your students.

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