Commercial Contracts

Our Commercial Contracts lawyers have extensive experience across all forms of contracts and commercial agreements.

Our commercial team deliver robust contracts that manage risk and allow your organisation to operate smoothly and reach its strategic goals.

Getting well-tailored legal agreements in place can mean the difference between a successful business relationship and a costly dispute. Choosing the correct business model and understanding the implications of legislation can have a very significant impact on commercial success.

We advise on all aspects of commercial contracting, including:

  • Agency and distribution arrangements
  • Franchising arrangements
  • Contracts for the supply of products and services
  • Facilities management, logistics, and supply chain contracts
  • Sponsorship, merchandising, product endorsement and image rights agreements
  • Advertising and marketing agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • White label and re-seller agreements
  • Research & development agreements
  • Joint ventures, consortium, collaboration and partnering agreements
  • Standard terms of business, website terms and conditions and consumer contracts.

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