Financial & Professional Services

As an Accountant, Financial Advisor, Insurance Broker, Surveyor or another financial or professional advisor, you already understand the intricacies that your own world of professional services can bring. But legal complexities can often arise in your own organisation and when crafting comprehensive advice to your clients. That's where our legal team comes in.

We will act as a team player and your trusted partner, providing the legal expertise that you need, to empower you and your clients to navigate your and their challenges with confidence.

Our collaboration approach aims to provide clients, including High Net Worth Individuals, SMEs, business owners and property owners and developers, with access to a comprehensive suite of services.

As trusted partners we prioritise a client-centric approach, working together to understand each set of unique goals, and developing cohesive strategies that integrate all considerations, and aligning them with broader financial objectives.

For us, seamless communication ensures efficient collaboration, and the sharing of relevant information and insights, enable us to provide clients with an holistic view of real time transactions.

We can help Financial and Professional Advisors with your own corporate structure and governance, M&A transactions and terms of engagement with your clients and suppliers.

We can also help your clients in the following ways:

  • Accountants / Tax Advisors: accounting and tax expertise are vital to protect your clients’ interests and wealth, so we will work alongside you to ensure that your clients' accounting and tax strategies are properly implemented
  • Corporate Finance Advisors: when your clients engage in mergers, acquisitions, or complex corporate transactions, we will collaborate with you to ensure that all the legal aspects of the deal are sound and align with your client's goals
  • Banking: structuring loans, lines of credit, security and other banking products often involves intricate legal agreements. We will review these agreements, ensuring that they comply with regulations and align with your client's overall financial strategy
  • Surveyors: when property developments and investments are part of the plan, we will collaborate, review reports and ensure accurate property boundaries and zoning compliance; safeguarding your clients' assets
  • Insurance Brokers: insurance plays a crucial role in protecting assets and we will work alongside you to ensure that all customised policies align with your clients' risk tolerance and financial goals
  • Our wider legal team: For any specialised legal aspects including complex estate planning, real estate transactions, or intricate business structures, we can connect you with our trusted colleagues, to ensure that your clients receive comprehensive legal solutions

By partnering with us, you will gain access to a dedicated legal team. We’ll empower you to focus on your expertise while ensuring that your clients receive comprehensive and legally sound solutions to build and protect their interests and wealth.

For you and your business we can offer support with:

  • Corporate and Commercial: we advise businesses and their owners in relation to all types of corporate transactions and restructures, shareholders’ and joint venture agreements, partnerships/LLPs and employee share schemes. We also advise on business contracts with clients and suppliers and other commercial services
  • Employment: we can assist with various workplace matters both for you as the employer or as an employee, including the contract reviews, navigation of disputes, representation at tribunals, and contract terminations. We can advise on investigations, whistleblowing, and restrictive covenants, ensuring that you are protected throughout the employment journey
  • Litigation: you can rely on our litigation expertise to handle complex disputes that may arise from contracts, securities, or regulatory matters. We can offer court representation, arbitration, or mediation, providing effective solutions to protect both your business and your reputation
  • Private Wealth: our private wealth team will safeguard your financial future and your legacy. We offer expert guidance on estate planning, asset protection, and strategies to minimise tax which may include crafting bespoke Wills and trusts, navigating business succession, and ensuring your wealth is passed on smoothly to loved ones. Together we can achieve your long-term wealth goals, with peace of mind
  • Real Estate: our team can ensure smooth and secure property transactions, whether residential or commercial, we offer expertise in acquisitions, dispositions, and development projects. We regularly handle complex matters relating to zoning, financing, and environmental concerns and we can guide you through every stage of the process, minimizing risks and protecting your investments. We’ll help you navigate your real estate journey with confidence