Employment Law

Defending Tribunal Claims

We help you to navigate tribunal claims to give you the best possible chance at protecting your business and its reputation.

Sometimes, even if you have done everything “by the book”, your business may be faced with defending an Employment Tribunal claim which has been brought by a current or former employee or worker.

We can advise on all areas of defending and/or settling the claim including tactics and strategies for achieving your desired outcome, while taking a pragmatic and commercial approach.

Employees and workers can take cases to the Employment Tribunal for a variety of reasons. These include claims for unfair dismissal, unpaid wages, a redundancy payment or discrimination of some kind. Often, you will have been made aware of a potential claim in advance, either by a disgruntled employee or worker submitting a formal written grievance or through the ACAS Early Conciliation service.

If you are unsuccessful in resolving complaints at an early stage, then you will be left with no option but to defend the claim in Tribunal.

We have a team of experienced employment law solicitors who can advise on the merits of any claim or proposed claim brought against your business and will provide commercial advice on your options going forwards. We can correspond with the other side directly on your behalf either to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement or, if necessary, we can robustly defend the legal proceedings brought against your business.

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