Dispute Resolution

Debt Collection

We can help you get paid what you deserve and improve your cash flow with, our specialist debt collection services.

Bad debts and slow payers are an all too common problem in business - but do not drain your resources further by turning to a debt collection agency. Take advantage of our cost-effective system which has been tried and tested over many years with banks, credit card and finance companies.

We offer a comprehensive debt collection service, pursuing several legal avenues in an attempt to get your invoices paid.

The first step is called ‘pre-litigation’, which involves issuing a robust letter and chaser attempts. In over 90% of cases this is effective and it’s also a very low-cost solution.

If payment is still not received after the pre-litigation steps, you can choose to issue a County Court Claim, a statutory demand, or instruct potentially bailiffs

When you take a case to court and obtain Judgement we will act to enforce that Judgement.

Throughout this whole process, we will work closely with you, advising of the best and most cost-effective course of action whilst keeping you informed with any necessary updates.

No debt is too small or too large for our specialist debt collection team, who offer a national service across the UK and internationally.

To contact us with any enquiry, please fill in the following form so that a relevant legal advisor can contact you as soon as possible.

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