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Agricultural Land & Estates

Our specialist property team are trusted by many of the well known estates and farm owners across London and the South East.

Whether you are buying or selling land or seeking specialist advice to better manage your estates future, our Agricultural Land and Estates Team regularly advises on; succession planning, leases and tenancy agreements, sales, purchases, options, development, partnership agreements, easements, minerals, sporting rights, wills, probate, trusts and tax.

Buying and selling Agricultural land & Estates

Dealing with agricultural land can be complex and whilst the conveyancing process, to a certain extent, will be no different from other property transactions, there are a fair number of further issues that will need to be taken into account.

These will typically include:

  • The supply of water and water abstraction licences;
  • Drainage arrangements;
  • Environmental risks;
  • The ownership and correct position of boundaries;
  • Access rights to and from the highway including the rights of others to use the land for access;
  • Sporting or fishing rights;
  • Careful consideration of any residential or agricultural tenancies, especially with farmed land and the obligations to and rights of any employees;
  • Planning restrictions on residential properties tying their use to occupation to those involved with farming;
  • Public and private rights of way crossing the land; and
  • The existence of any common land
  • Overage Agreements

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