Employment Law

Contractual Disputes & Post-Termination Restrictions

Our expert advice should be sought either when negotiating a new contract, when you are thinking of moving on, or upon the termination of your employment.

Your contract of employment forms the basis of the relationship between you and your employer. Most employees will be issued with a written contract of employment, but verbal contracts are also valid.

It’s always best to get your employment contract in writing when you accept a new job and it should clearly set out the conditions of your employment, including pay, working hours and holiday entitlement. Once you have a contract of employment, it can only be changed with your consent.

That being said, disputes between employees and employers are common and our specialist team of employment solicitors are here to help.

Common types of employment contract disputes include:

  • Pay, bonuses and commission
  • Holiday entitlement and sickness absence pay
  • Notice periods
  • Restrictive covenants/post termination restrictions
  • TUPE
  • Variation of terms.

We regularly advise our clients on disputes arising from all of the above and offer you valuable legal assistance with an efficient service.

Post-termination Restrictions

Post termination restrictive covenants are clauses within your employment contract that often serve to restrict your right to conduct activities in competition with your former employer after the employment relationship has ended.

It is important that you are aware of the effect of any post termination restrictions affecting your future employment aspirations.

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