Wills, Tax & Administration

Probate & Administration of Estates

For over 70 years our clients have trusted us to help them ensure that their families are provided for and their estates are distributed according to their wishes when they have passed away.

When a family member or close friend dies, as well as it being a traumatic time, it can be difficult to establish what the next steps are in dealing with the estate. Thackray Williams’ private client team can offer you high quality and supportive advice when you need us most.

Our expert team can advise you on all aspects of the administration of a loved ones estate, such as, making initial enquiries with all the financial institutions, preparing and submitting the inheritance tax return, submission of the probate application and any negotiations necessary with the Revenue. We can also assist with post-Grant issues such as collecting in the assets, dealing with the income and capital gains tax affairs of the deceased, including structuring the transfer of assets within an estate in the most tax efficient manner.

As many of our clients have international personal and business assets to administer, as well as family spread throughout the world, we are well equipped to assist in complex estates for those who die domiciled in the UK or abroad with assets held in the UK.

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