Employment Law

Employers' HR & Retainer Services

If you need HR support and advice rather than legal advice, we can help.

We work with both small and larger employers supporting your business journey through strategic planning and helping you get the most from your workforce. Our HR business support service provides you with HR Director level advice that can support you flexibly and be there when you need it.

Either as part of our HR retainer service or as a one-off project, our team of HR professionals can help you with:-

  • Expert advice (ongoing support & dialogue) – direct access to unlimited advice by a qualified employment law solicitor, who knows your business and understands your specific needs meaning you don’t have to deal with often vague and impersonal call centers. You are given clear advice that is in the best interest of your business. This not only ensures that the matter is properly handled from the outset but also ensures that you are fully insured when you follow the advice given.
  • Employee Contracts – Review existing employee contracts, checking for consistency and legal compliance. Once reviewed, the team will put in place a consistent employee contract structure at a user or role level. Contracts can be tailored to suit your organisation. Contracts can be stored at a user level, using our online HR solution.
  • Employee Handbook – Provide your employees and new starters with an employee handbook. We can create this for you and ensure an electronic audit trail to show new employees have received this and accepted receipt. Our team will keep this updated with the latest policies and procedures.
  • HR Audit/Health Check – A full audit (health check) of your existing processes with recommendations if required built into a fully costed action plan.
  • Employment Law – Handling employment law issues including disciplinary situations, immigration, redundancies, probationary periods, TUPE, disputes, grievances, sickness absence and holidays.
  • HR training – We implement a training program for your existing teams, upskilling them to better support your business. This is delivered in the form of face-2-face training as well as regular newsletters and updates.
  • Insurance policy (financial security) – we are fully authorised to manage your claim by insurers. The policy fits with our services seamlessly and pays the legal costs of an employment dispute, covers settlements and the cost of awards. This radically minimises your exposure to unexpected financial loss, and caps all your Employment and HR costs providing peace of mind. In real terms this will often result in huge cost savings. Full details of the cover is available upon request.
  • Specific Projects – Such as employee onboarding, leadership development programmes or bespoke training packages.

Our retainer service is charged through a competitive fixed annual fee, dependant on the size of your business. It will enable you to tap into our full suite of services as well as having access to a dedicated helpline.

To contact us with any enquiry, please fill in the following form so that a relevant legal advisor can contact you as soon as possible.

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