Intellectual Property & Data Protection

It can be a challenge to keep up with new regulations while you are busy running your business. We are here to help.

Copyrights, patents and trademarks are all types of intellectual property and just like tangible property it is essential that they are protected. Our team want to help encourage the use of intellectual property law to help safeguard individuals, businesses and the property that they create.

Our goal is to help you to identify which aspects of your intellectual property requires protection. In doing so we will help your business and your livelihood.

We appreciate the intangible nature of intellectual property, and as a team we aim to look after your objectives along with your business helping you to move forward with confidence.

We understand the law has changed and 2018 brought a new way in which we approach data protection, storage and privacy. We can help you implement the correct GDPR guidelines into your business.

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