Dispute Resolution

Contractual Disputes

We work with companies and financial institutions to resolve contract disputes decisively.

Because almost every transaction in business involves a contract of some sort, most businesses at some time will face a dispute in relation to a commercial contract. Whether the dispute is with a supplier or a customer, it is important to act quickly to find a resolution in order to avoid significant disruption to your business.

Commercial disputes can be stressful, distracting and potentially very damaging. We provide tactical and strategic advice to all size of business to help them protect their rights, interests and reputations.

All contracts, whether in writing or formed verbally, give rise to a wide array of legal rights and obligations. Our team can assist you at all stages from the forming of a contract to any disputes that arise from it.

We will always seek to solve your dispute in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, while never losing sight of your goals. Taking a dispute to court can be very expensive and our team is here to take you through alternative ways to resolve your dispute. If court proceedings are necessary, we can represent you and guide you through the court process.

Our specialist team deals with a wide range of contractual issues, including:

  • Advising on the terms of a contract
  • Enforcing a contract
  • Dealing with Breaches of contract and the remedies available
  • The obligations arising out of a contract, including terms which are not expressed in writing
  • The methods of terminating a contract and the consequences.

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