Dispute Resolution

Boardroom & Shareholder Disputes

When directors and shareholders or partners do not see eye to eye, we are here to help.

The disputes most damaging to a business are generally not external, but internal boardroom disputes. When directors and shareholders or partners do not see eye to eye, and are unable to manage those disagreements effectively, there is the perfect recipe for business disaster. This situation can end with significant financial loss, stagnation or even business closure.

When it comes to boardroom disputes, prevention is better than cure. Getting our team involved early and having solid structures in place at the outset will usually avoid the worst disputes wreaking havoc on businesses and relationships. However, should court proceedings be a necessity, we have the experience to be with you every step of the way.

Our commercial litigation team offers comprehensive in-depth advice to individual directors or shareholders or collectively to companies, in all matters of boardroom and shareholders’ disputes. We offer a comprehensive service from arranging negotiations to advising and representing you through court proceedings.

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