Free Employment Contracts Review

News  |   13 January 2022

During the past two years, Covid-19 has dominated business focus. Employers have had to navigate a host of evolving employment issues, including managing Covid-19 absences, keeping up to date with ever-changing government guidance, and considering the vaccination status of staff as well as dealing with resignations.

Organisations have implemented, at short notice, operational changes, including new working arrangements and practices. Have you thought about how your business is going to formalise these changes? Are your employment contracts crystal clear on the new rules, practices and procedures surrounding your business?

Take the time now to ensure that your staff contracts are ‘clear on Covid’ and compliant with any new ‘non-Covid’ related employment law changes.

The Great Resignation looks likely to continue into 2022 with big changes taking place across the employment sphere. Attractive packages including higher salaries, better benefits and greater flexible working opportunities have meant that employees are in a position to be making more demands than ever before. With such a large proportion of employees set to move to pastures new, have you considered whether your business is prepared and adequately protected post-termination?

Carefully drafted post-termination restrictions (PTRs) could prevent your employees from poaching colleagues, clients or customers and could even prevent them from working for a competing business for a period of time.

Act now and take advantage of our offer.

Our free contract review not only ensures that contracts are “clear on COVID” and compliant with any recent employment law changes, but will also ascertain whether your PTRs are fit for purpose or provide you with detailed advice about putting restrictions in place.

If you would like to take advantage of our offer of a FREE 2-hour review of your employment documentation, please contact our employment team.

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