COVID- 19 Update – Business as usual for conveyancing?

News  |   31 March 2020

Business as usual? – well no, not quite.

Recent events are, of course, unprecedented but at Thackray Williams LLP, we continue to support our clients through these challenging times.

Government guidance continues to change but as it stands, anyone moving to an unoccupied property may continue with their transaction provided social distancing regulations are adhered to. Others may continue with their moves where that move is essential.

Where a move would not be seen as essential, we continue to assist our clients by ensuring that everything that can be done on their transaction, is done so that contracts can be exchanged when everyone is ready to do so (even now contracts can be exchanged provided they are carefully drafted to ensure that there is a mechanism to delay completions if the current lockdown persists, although that may not be appropriate for everyone).

With our business continuity plan in full swing, all staff are able to provide their full service remotely whilst working from home. Their phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

If we can assist you in any way with your home move, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team