We have experience in acting for a variety of stakeholders, including clubs, leagues, governing bodies, associations, athletes and third parties such as corporate sponsors. With our regional and city presence, we have the flexibility to tailor our services for the largest institutions to the individual athlete, and everything in between.

Here's a glimpse of what we typically handle:

  • Contracts: we can draft, review and negotiate contracts for athletes, coaches, clubs, broadcasters, and other entities who are involved in the sports arena. This might include player contracts, franchise agreements, endorsement deals, sponsorship agreements, broadcasting rights and image rights
  • Litigation: disagreements are inevitable in any sport, as in any other business. We have both commercial and sports industry specific expertise and can assist with contract and agency disputes, regulatory and disciplinary issues and corporate and commercial disputes
  • Employment: whilst standard employment laws do govern an athlete’s contract, we specialise in the unique aspects of these contracts, including image rights and performance bonuses, and we can also assist with employment-related disputes before the Employment Tribunal
  • Family: we offer services to individuals in preparing pre and post nuptial agreements, divorce and child custody matters
  • Private Client services: we can offer services to individuals who need to focus on their estate planning and wealth management
  • Residential and Commercial Property: our well-established residential property team can assist with all aspects of freehold and leasehold property, such as conveyancing, lending, investment advice (such as auction or portfolio purchases) amongst other things. On the commercial side we assist businesses in all aspects of landlord and tenant matters, conveyancing, secured lending and development