Navigating Your Business Lease

Videos  |   26 February 2024

Presented by
Yildiz Betez, Partner

Are you opening up your first office, or renewing your business lease and are unsure what to do?

Well, this webinar has you covered, We partnered with South East London Chamber of Commerce for this FREE webinar covering everything to do with getting your first Business Lease, including the top ten key terms you will need to agree on, and what to do if your Business Lease is coming up for renewal.

Meet your speakers

David Hacker, Partner at Thackray Williams, is currently head of the Dispute Resolution Department, and has been qualified as a solicitor since 1993, he specialises in litigation and dispute resolution matters principally dealing with property related matters.

Yildiz Betez, Partner at Thackray Williams, is currently head of the Business Service team, and is qualified in commercial property law, and she covers all aspects of commercial conveyancing and land development. As well as this, she is currently serving as a Board Member for the South East London Chamber of Commerce, and was voted Best Female Property Lawyer in ‘Practice’ from the Association of Women Solicitors.

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