UPDATE - TW takes on Movember!

News  |   12 December 2023

Written by
Helen Scutt, Marketing Manager

TW takes on Movember!

TW supported Movember last month to raise awareness for men’s health and raised nearly £400! Our activities have included:

  • Sticking a moustache on your colleague (pictures of them that is, not your colleagues!)
  • Who Wears it best? Take a selfie with your Moustache and pin it to the notice board and
  • Our own Sean Sanders, Jon Butt and Andrew Raby are Growing a Mo for Movember and you can donate here:

Thackray Williams LLP is fundraising for Movember (justgiving.com)

Why are we raising awareness – some sobering facts:

  • Men will die on average 4.5 years earlier than women, and for reasons that are largely preventable. Which means that it doesn’t have to be that way: we can all take action to live healthier, happier and longer lives.
  • Globally, on average, 1 man dies by suicide every minute of every day.
  • 1 in 8 men in the UK will be diagnose with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
  • Testicular cancer strikes young. It’s the most common cancer in young UK men.