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Commercial Property Transactions

FAQs Commercial Licensing

  • Do I need a premises licence?

      If you provide regulated entertainment to the public, sell alcohol or provide late night refreshment then you must have a Premises Licence granted from your local authority.

      A separate gambling premises licence will be required for any gambling activities.

  • What is regulated entertainment?

      Entertainment which is conducted in the presence of an audience for the purpose of entertaining the audience. i.e. film, show, play, dance, sporting event, quiz etc. Additionally it includes making facilities for entertainment such as a dance floor or karaoke machine.

  • What is late night refreshment?

      The sale of hot food or hot drink between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

  • How do I apply for a Premises Licence?

      An application must be made to the local authority with copies sent to various public bodies. You must supply details of a premises supervisor within your application. A prescribed notice must be placed at the property and in a local newspaper. We can help you to make an application for a premises licence.

  • Who should be the premises supervisor?

      The supervisor should be the manager of the business and every sale of alcohol must be performed by someone holding a Personal Licence.

  • How do I apply for a Personal Licence?

      You must apply to the council in which you reside for your personal licence and send certain documents with the prescribed form. We can help you to make the application.

  • I am not happy with the times/activities on my licence, what can I do?

      We can help you to apply to vary the terms of your Premises Licence including adding a new activity or amending the times of each activity. You must not carry out the new activity or timings until the new licence has been granted by the council. There are currently discussions ongoing to amend the application to vary a Premises Licence and more details of this will follow in due course.

  • Do I need a licence to play the radio?

      Yes, if you play music or the radio at your premises and the public can hear the music you will need to obtain a performing rights licence from the Performing Right Society.

  • What happens if the licence holder becomes insolvent or dies?

      The Premises Licence will automatically lapse after 7 days if it has not been transferred within that time frame. Alternatively, an Interim Authority Notice can be served on the Council within the 7 days time frame to enable a relevant person to take over the licence.