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Charities and Not For Profit

The role of charity trustees

Charity Trustees are the people who form the governing body of the charity and who take overall responsibility for the work of the charity.

  • Responsibilities

      Charities have the following duties and responsibilities:

      • To ensure that the charity complies with charity law and the requirements of the Charity Commission.
      • To ensure that the charity carries on its working pursuant to its aims and objects.
      • To act with integrity and in the best interests of the charity, avoiding personal conflicts of interest or misuse of funds.
      • To ensure that the charity is solvent, that funds and assets are used wisely and in furtherance of the objects.
      • To avoid taking action that might put funds or the charity’s reputation at risk.
      • To exercise reasonable care and skill as trustees, using personal knowledge and experience, to ensure that the charity runs efficiently.
  • Why you should become a trustee

      It can be hard but very rewarding work being a trustee. You will be attending meetings and perhaps on sub-committees, working as a team with your co-trustees in taking major decisions about the future of the organisation, managing the finances, supporting staff and volunteers.

      It is an opportunity for you to use your skills, support your community and further your interests in a whole range of services.

      Although the role of trustee is an onerous one, trustees are always encouraged to seek professional advice where this will assist the trustees in carrying out all their duties and we are here to help.