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Family Law, Divorce, Separation


  • What is mediation?

      Mediation is not like marriage guidance counselling. It starts off on the basis that the marriage is over and that you are looking to sort out practical arrangements for two separate homes in the future. Mediation can be just about the children or it can be about “all issues” to include financial matters as well.

  • Why use mediation?

      The advantage of mediation is that it is much quicker and a lot cheaper than going through  the courts. It leaves decisions about your children with you and your partner. Ideally both of you should decide matters relating to the children yourselves and you should not have to rely upon a third party (namely a judge) to tell you what you to do about your own children.

      A mediator will not tell you what you have to do. The mediator’s role is to facilitate negotiations between both of you in order to enable you to arrive at your own solutions.