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Wills and Tax Planning

Making a will

Why make a will?

Making a Will ensures that your property, savings and possessions will go to the people and causes you care about, thereby minimising the risks of any disputes       between relatives. It may also help to reduce the amount of tax that has to be paid on your estate and protect assets you wish to leave for your children .

If you die without leaving a valid Will, then the ‘’Intestacy Rules” will apply. These Rules determine who will get the assets in your estate. The Rules may not necessarily produce the results you would have wanted or meet your family’s expectations. The Rules give nothing at all to unmarried partners and only guarantee to  leave the entire estate to a surviving spouse or civil partner if there are no children.

Why use a solicitor?

Although it is possible to write a will without the help of a solicitor, the Law Society advise against it. Without the help of an expert there's a real risk that it might contain a mistake or be invalid, which could cause problems for your family and friends after your death.

How to make a will

We offer two options:

  • Make an appointment with one of our specialist solicitors, or
  • Complete our online questionnaire, which will form the basis of your will

Make an appointment

While many firms offer online facilities to make a will, we know from experience that this format doesn’t suit everyone. And although your personal estate may seem straightforward, it is rarely the case.

By talking directly to an expert, you can guarantee that your wishes will be fulfilled in an official legal document, giving you peace of mind.

Make an appointment