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News and articles – Conveyancing — Buying and Selling Residential Property


Apr 2014

An anti-social nation: Could more Social Housing solve our housing shortage?

It has been suggested that an expansion of the social housing stock could be the best solution for the housing shortage in the UK.



Feb 2014

The plant that scares the banks – how to handle Japanese Knotweed

There is a certain level of hysteria about Japanese Knotweed in the UK, and from its description you can see why: it has no natural predators here, it is able to grow from a shard of stem the size of a fingernail and it can root down to three metres below ground and cause heavy damage to tarmac and concrete. Because of these traits it has been regulated in the UK and must not be planted or improperly disposed of. It is important to remember, however that it is not invulnerable and can be removed effectively with the right methods.



May 2013

How to choose a conveyancer

When you decide to buy or sell your property one of the first things you will need to do is decide which lawyer or firm of conveyancers you will use to carry out the work for you. How do you decide?


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