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Financial disputes —  a guide

There are many factors that will be considered by the court.  The prime consideration is the welfare of any child of the family who has not reached the age of 18.

  • Factors taken into consideration by the court
      • The income, earning capacity, property and other financial resources of the parties
      • The parties financial needs, obligations and responsibilities
      • The standard of living of the family before the marriage breakdown
      • The age of each party
      • The duration of the marriage
      • Any disability, physical or mental that either party may suffer with
      • The contributions both parties have made to the marriage
      • The conduct of the parties
      • The value of any asset and the loss caused to the other party now they have lost the chance of acquiring it

      Once these factors have been taken into account, the court has the ability to decide how the available assets should be split, and how this can be effected.

  • Options available to the court for the distribution

      Lump sum payments
      Property adjustment orders
      Order for sale of property
      Periodical payments
      Pensions: sharing, attachment or offsetting