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Employment Law Advice — Employees

Discrimination in the workplace

It is an unfortunate reality that employees and other workers are discriminated against on account of various characteristics – age, sex, race and disability being the most common.  If you think you may have been discriminated against by your employer (past, current or future) we can help you analyse whether discrimination has occurred and what your options are to deal with it.

Over the years the legislators have introduced a considerable amount of anti-discrimination legislation.The Equality Act 2010, much of which came into force on 1 October 2010, brought together and re-stated the previous discrimination legislation in relation to each of the "protected characteristics" and also introduced a number of changes to the pre-existing law.

There are duties on employers to make "reasonable adjustments" for disabled employees to assist them in their work. Actions which might appear discriminatory can be lawful in limited circumstances such as where there is an occupational requirement or where an employer is taking "positive action" or where the employer has a statutory requirement.

Compensation for successful discrimination claims is unlimited and as well as compensation for any loss of earnings it can include sums for injury to feelings and personal injury.

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