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Probate and Administration of Estates

Administration of an estate

The service we provide in the administration of a grant of probate covers the following:

  • Preparing the necessary documentation for the grant of probate (whether admitting a will or under an Intestacy).
  • If the deceased died intestate applying the correct rules of intestacy to the estate of the deceased to identify and account to the correct beneficiaries and to establish their entitlements.
  • Apply to the Probate Registry and obtain the correct grant of probate.
  • Ensuring the accurate distribution of the estate which may include assessing and dealing with any claims against the estate and placing statutory notices to advertise for unknown creditors.

Property implications in the grant of probate

If there is a property in the estate we can assist in ensuring that the buildings and contents insurers are fully aware of the change in circumstances and make sure that comprehensive and adequate insurance is in place during the administration period. We can also arrange post to be redirected to us during the administration of the estate to manage all the affairs of the deceased.
Our Property department can act in the sale and liaise with us throughout to ensure that the sale takes place as quickly as possible without any unnecessary delays. Please note that any sale of the property is separately charged to any fees in the administration of the estate.