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Services For Leaseholders and Freeholders

Right to Manage

Did you know that as a leaseholder you have a right to manage your property?

For blocks of flats, proper maintenance and management is key. Being transparent with how insurance rent, service charge and any sinking funds are run is essential to making sure that the flat owners know their block is being properly and efficiently run without wasted costs.

It is common to hear horror stories of maintenance not being carried out in full or on time leading to problems at a building worsening until it affects insurance premiums, repair costs or even the value of the flats.

Likewise it is common to hear of service charges being inflated or works being done to the building without proper consultation using expensive contractors. One of the most common complaints by flat owners is high service charges and poor service delivery.

Often this can be tackled by the flat owners purchasing their freehold to give them total control of their building. However that process comes at a price.

Where flat owners wish to take over the running of their building without incurring the price of buying the freehold, they may qualify for the Right to Manage.

A successful right to manage claim results in the tenants taking over all management functions at their building, and obtaining joint control of the appointment of managing agents, insurance, maintenance and service charge collection. This can go a long way to improving the day to day lives of the flat owners of a block.

Alternatively if a group of tenants cannot manage a block themselves or deal with managing agents, they could alternatively make a tribunal claim to have a third party manager, responsible to the tribunal, manage the block. This can be a good alternative way to manage if, for example, the residents are in dispute or require professional assistance in taking management decisions.

What Thackray Williams do:

We can manage a Right to Manage claim from start to finish, working alongside residents to ensure that the statutory procedure is complied within full and the right takes proper effect. 

We can also assist residents in referring a block to the tribunal to deal with the appointment of a professional manager, empowered to deal with the building under the supervision of the tribunal.

Key work at a glance:

  • Right to manage claims
  • Claim notices
  • Participation notices
  • Appointment of a manager
  • Company formation 
  • Management advice
  • Service charge advice