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Leasehold Management Services

If you are considering selling your freehold title, it is likely you will need to serve notices on the leaseholders first. Failure to do so may be a criminal offence.

Whether you are a freehold property investor, the owner of a small conversion with flats or a group of leaseholders who own their own freehold, you will need to deal with the legal issues surrounding the management of your block.

Often this can be dealt with by appointing a management company, but if you self manage or your management company does not take on certain areas of work, you may need legal advice and assistance in dealing with management obligations. 

This could take the form of dealing with tricky enquiries form a buyer of one of the flats, getting lease permissions in place for sale or subletting, in obtaining information about the rules of a lease, in recovering unpaid service charges or in altering faulty leases. It could also take the form of leaseholders approaching you wanting to buy extra areas of the building or carry out works to the areas they own. 

What Thackray Williams do:

We act for management companies and landlords in assisting with their management responsibilities under their leases.

When a flat is being sold, we can help answer sets of standard enquiries and tricky specific questions. We can also deal with any extra sale documentation that might be requested such as changes to a lease, a deed of covenant or licence to assignor sublet that is needed.

We also advise on the day to day legal hurdles that are faced in the running of a block. For example helping run a service charge regime, collecting unpaid charges from tenants or dealing with disputes.

Key work at a glance:

  • LPE1 enquiries
  • Advice on lease terms
  • Subletting requirments
  • Passing regulations under lease
  • Lease variations
  • Licences for works
  • Deeds of covenant
  • Debt recovery
  • Service charge recovery
  • Service charge disputes
  • S20 notices