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Services For Leaseholders and Freeholders

Leasehold Development Permissions

We act for both freeholders and leaseholders in negotiating development permissions for leasehold properties.

If you're looking to carry out works to your flat, whether they are structural or non-structural, chances are your lease may restrict your ability to do so without permission from your freeholder. 

Simple projects

For simpler, internal projects, you may need a formal permission document called a "licence for works". It would set out how the works are to be done and set out timescales and responsibilities if anything went wrong. 

Larger projects

For more complex projects like building an extension or converting a loft space, you might need to look into whether you own all the necessary space, and have all the rights needed to get to the space to do the works. 

This might mean you need extra land added to your lease, a new plan showing a new layout, consent from your mortgage lender (if you have one) or even a permission from a neighbour to put up scaffolding on their land.

Larger projects involving areas of a building changing hands can also trigger a need to offer that land to other flat owners in the building first. 

What we do

Thackray Williams works for either the freeholder or leaseholder on a project to make sure that the documentation allowing a project to go ahead covers what they need, and allows the project to go ahead smoothly. 

We work alongside the other experts involved in the project, whether it requires architects, planners, surveyors, builders or engineers. We can adapt documents and arrangements to suit complex circumstances, and ensure that both parties know where they stand to avoid later disputes or problems at the property.

Key work at a glance:

  • Licences for works
  • Deeds of variation
  • Mortgage consents
  • Right for first refusal notices
  • Agreements for lease