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Personal Injury

Our solicitors deal with all types of personal injury compensation claims including:




Please contact us to ask about the various funding arrangements that can be put in place.

There are numerous forms of funding available including legal expense insurance under the terms of an existing policy such as household contents, motor insurance, travel insurance, credit card protection and even trade union membership. Alternatively, a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee) may be arranged. You will also be advised to take out an appropriate "after the event" insurance policy to protect you against your opponent’s costs should you lose your claim. These can be arranged for you at no initial cost. If your claim is successful, these costs can be recovered from the Defendant’s insurers.

“No win, no fee” means that should your legal advisor not succeed with your claim, they will not be paid. However, should they win your action and you receive compensation then your legal adviser will recover reasonable costs and disbursements from the Defendant's insurers, together with a bonus called a “success fee”. Depending upon the financial arrangements under the terms of your “no win, no fee” agreement, you may be expected to pay something towards the ongoing expenses (eg. medical reports, medical records, court fees) at the conclusion of the claim.

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We have a website dedicated to head injuries, offering news and advice. 

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