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Debt Collection and Recovery

Commercial Debt Collection

Improve your cash flow with our debt collection services. Bad debts and slow payers are a common problem in business - but don't drain your resources further by turning to a debt collection agency. 

We act for businesses in all sectors of the economy in the collection of their outstanding debts.  

Our dedicated team have over 80 years combined experience working in the Debt Recovery sector. Accordingly there are no set of circumstances in which we will not have had previous experience.  We will therefore be familiar with all manner of excuses raised by your debtors when seeking to avoid liability and more importantly we can implement the necessary steps to overcome those avoidance techniques and enhance your cash-flow.

We will commonly take advantage of the tools made available to you within the ‘Late Payment Legislation’  to secure statutory costs compensation and enhanced rates of interest payable on your outstanding invoices by your debtor. This ensures that the recovery exercise is as cost-effective as possible.

For illustration purposes we undertake the full range of recovery, from small debts owed to a "one man band", to debts owed to large multi-national enterprises.  No debt is too small, or too large.  Whatever your business please do not hesitate to contact us as it is highly likely we will be familiar with the environment in which your business operates and how best to implement appropriate recovery measures at every stage of the pre-legal, Court and subsequent enforcement processes.

Just some of the sectors we commonly work in include:

  • Construction / Building
  • Professional fees for Surveyors, Engineers, Architects
  • Commercial  & Residential Estate Agency Fees
  • Care Homes
  • Financial Institutions
  • School Fees
  • Accountants’ Professional Fees
  • Bakery Industry 
  • Lift Engineers
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Other Solicitors’ Professional Fees

Apart from the initial registration fee, our fees are geared to being chargeable only on collection of the debt. Because of this policy, we have every incentive to secure the debt. All court fees and fixed costs are recoverable from the debtor on successful conclusion of the action.

As of 1 April 2015 the initial registration fee is £60 for debts of any amount.