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Family Law, Divorce, Separation

Civil partnership agreements

Since the enactment of the Civil Partnership Act 2004, it is estimated that 26,000 civil partnerships have been formalised. If you feel that you want to end your civil partnership, there are several options available to you.


This relates to the formalities of the civil partnership itself. For example, you could argue that you did not hold valid consent at the time of the ceremony, or that either party was unfit to take part because of a mental disorder.

Separation order

You can apply to the court for a separation order. This is based on the same ground as a dissolution (see below), but the civil partnership itself is not dissolved. Few people exercise this option, because it can be an additional, costly stepping stone should one of the parties decide to dissolve the civil partnership in the future.


This is the equivalent of divorce for civil partners. An application to dissolve cannot be made during the first year of the civil partnership. In order to end the civil partnership, a party has to prove that it has broken down irretrievably.

We can also act for you in relation to financial relief provisions that may be available to you following the breakdown of your relationship.  Alternatively, we can draft a pre-nuptial agreement to protect you from the outset.