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Debt Collection and Recovery

Debt Recovery Training

We can offer training in all aspects of debt recovery for your staff. There are various courses which we can offer from a complete overview of the legal process to sessions on individual topics.

We commonly undertake reviews of clients existing debt recovery and credit control processes to enable them to accelerate and improve their cash flow.  We recognise that it is increasingly vital for the ongoing viability of any business to prevent their outstanding invoices becoming bad debts.

With this in mind, we can provide advice on what effective, practical steps you can take on the basis that "prevention is better than cure".

We can even become an extension of your existing credit control processes by releasing a cost effective "Final Notice" to your customers seeking payment.  These Notices can be customised to suit your individual requirements and preferences and released on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, as needed.

We are finally able to provide you with bespoke training and advice enabling you to implement your own formal Debt Recovery actions through the County Court system.